Turnstyle uses Onehub as a secure FTP alternative to improve file sharing.

Turnstyle Office

Several years ago, Graham and Diefenbach met Onehub founder Charles Mount. They understood that Onehub offered a better way to share media and materials with clients and decided to give the solution a try. What they found was an easy-to-use solution that their clients loved.

One reason clients love the solution is that creating a great brand identity system represents a significant investment and access to materials related to them is considered highly competitive information. The secure environment Onehub offered gives Turnstyle clients real peace of mind.

It also allows Turnstyle clients to manage the digital assets in their workspaces on a “self service” basis. Today, Turnstyle maintains around 80 permanent workspaces—either for specific clients or for individual project efforts.

“With Onehub, we’re able to meet our clients’ needs with a turnkey, private system,” said Graham. “Our Onehub portal is Turnstyle branded and having an enterprise-grade tool enables us to present ourselves to clients as the professionals we are, and not look like a startup using jerry-rigged systems.”

Having a cloud-based repository for the many hundreds of digital assets they work with, organized and accessible from anywhere, saves the Turnstyle team a great deal of time formerly spent looking for files and media elements. And it makes it faster than ever before to share and collaborate with clients on projects. With Onehub’s intuitive interface, giving new clients or new designers access to everything from day one is easy.

Adds Diefenbach, “I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have Onehub, we’ve come to rely on it so much. It’s just a superior solution in terms of functionality than anything we have tried before.”

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